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Shining a big, bright, unflinching spotlight on the chase of a Hollywood dream, ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP slaps down a candid view of an actress’ world, like a black Amex on a bar of downed shots and drowned dreams.


CLAIRE St. CLAIRE is the naive and bubbly small town girl determined to become the next Melissa Joan Hart. JOSIE JONES - the glamour girl who uses her model looks and fierce ambition as currency. DEIDRE VESNIC - the hot blooded, straight-shooter who loathes the schmoozing game. And EDIE LAWSON – the former household name come customer-service slave, desperate to shake off her child star past. .


Like the inflatable Mr. Wavy in front of Uncle Ron’s Discount Carpet Barn, time and time again, these women pick themselves up, baring their souls and swallowing their pride, in the hope of one day making it ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP.

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