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With her girl-next-door looks, razor sharp wit and Brady Bunch moral compass, Edie could have succeeded at a number of different careers - but early on, fate lent a hand. When she was 13, Edie landed the lead role in the children’s TV show phenomenon Galaxy Girls and was thrust into the adoring spotlight - a shiny, happy, unicorn-filled place she lived in for years. Until she didn’t. Just like that. With the snap of a door bitch’s clipboard, Edie found herself evicted from the enchanted forest and banished to the acting vortex of guest roles and day jobs, with a cracked compass as her souvenir. Now Edie is at a major crossroads in her life. Stuck in a dead-end relationship with her boyfriend, Nate, stuck in a box office selling musical theater tickets for a living and no movie career in sight. Edie is ready to throw a grenade on her life. Shaved-head Britney style. 


Claire is a bright-eyed, naive, wannabe actress. With her over zealous mother/manager firmly in her ear, she has been actively encouraged her entire life to go after the stardom that awaits her - the stardom that she deserves. Growing up performing amateur theatre in the suburbs of Indiana, a steady childhood diet of Sabrina the Teenage Witch awakened her destiny to become America’s next Melissa Joan Hart. And now Claire has finally made the big move to Los Angeles to further realise her dream, committed in her single-minded focus to follow in the footsteps of her idol. In the meantime, she is thrilled to be staying with her cousin, Nate, and his famous actress girlfriend, Edie Lawson, until she finds her feet in the big smoke. Her perkiness drives the other girls crazy.


Josie is a fiercely determined, fiercely competitive actress. She has the looks, the profile and the Connie Britton hair. Oh yeah, and just the right amount of talent. Josie knows how to work the room, schmooze at industry parties and say all the right things to all the right people. And that puts her a head above the rest. However, her insecurities can get the better of her leading her at times to ruthless and destructive behaviour (on the scale of unhinged, she’s somewhere between Drop Dead Gorgeousand Single White Female). It doesn’t help her ego that her boyfriend, Isaac Del Santo, is Hollywood’s latest star on the rise. But, revelling in a six-year run as Detective Price on the top rating police drama Homicide Blue, Josie is living the dream... for now.


Bold and outspoken, with Dee, what you see is what you get. Against the advice of her conservative Croatian parents, she pursued an acting career with gusto. So it was no surprise to her when success was immediate, landing a lead in the culturally diverse hit series Lost and Found. However, when the show got unceremoniously cancelled, Deidre faced a new reality - unemployment and ethnic typecasting. It’s a battle she’s fought for years and she’s sick of it. The Greek, the Serb, the Russian - you name it, she’s played it. Now at age 30, Deidre is regretting not having listened to her parents. Still single. Still living with psycho roommates. Still stuck in a shitty hospitality job to make ends meet, Dee is seriously considering throwing in the towel and finally getting a “real” job. Or worse yet, learning how to network at parties.



Nate is the loveable, sign-spinning boyfriend of Edie. A big kid at heart, Nate is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He’s passionate about the gym, protein shakes and Harrison Ford movies. He’s an aspiring writer, but in the meantime he has great enthusiasm for his day job, much to the amusement of others. 



Upon graduating from TISCH, Alex was ready to change the world with avant-garde theatre. Six years on however, reality has been slapping Alex and his ideals in the face every day. Dry, vitriolic and sarcastic - god help you if you are a pea-brained customer who steps in his path. If it weren’t for his massive crush on Edie, Alex would have quit the box office a long time ago.


Isaac is Edie’s best friend from drama school. He also happens to be Josie’s boyfriend and Hollywood’s hottest star on the rise. With his movie star looks, talent and strong work ethic, he is adored by fans and peers alike. He truly loves Josie because when he squints really, really hard, he is able to see through her icy veneer to her luke-warm heart hidden underneath. 


Sonya is Deidre’s obsessive-compulsive housemate. She has a preoccupation with keeping the shared toilet free from odour and poop particles.

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